Why You Need a Highly Qualified and ‘Safety Conscious’ Electrician

You don’t want yourself, or a member of your family, to suffer an electric shock; do you? Or have your house burn down as a result of faulty electrical wiring?

Electrical Safety Is No Joke
More than 23,000 homes per year are damaged or destroyed by an electrical fire in the U.S. More than 10 percent result in a fatality; as in someone is dead.

Common Causes of an Electrical Fire:

  • Defective or damaged electrical boxes.
  • Improperly installed electrical boxes especially those that are GFCI. (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter)
  • ‘Hard Wired’ light fixtures, ceiling fans and even smoke detectors incorrectly wired.
  • An electrical circuit breaker box that has been configured wrong or the work is sloppy and haphazardly done.

You don’t need to be scared; you just need to understand that you really want to find a good, actually certified and licensed electrician, working for a well-established company.

Did You Hire A Licensed And Experienced Professional Electrician?
If you see the person you hired working on your electrical circuit breaker box and you look inside the box itself and the wires seems to be messy and jammed in and it doesn’t look like the door to the box will be able to close; you hired the wrong electrician.

A highly skilled and experienced licensed electrician will have your electrical circuit breaker box very tidy and neat looking with the wires not sharply folded but with a well-defined loop and it also appears so very well organized that there is plenty of room to spare and the door will easily shut and latch.

You Should Avoid ‘Joe Off the Street’
You also need to understand if your hire your friend’s buddy to do electrical work and realize that they have no idea what they are doing after they have had four or five hours to screw it all up; it will cost you more when you bring in a ‘Real’ electrician as they will have to spend time repair the mistakes and damage that your friend’s buddy left behind.

Yes, there are many DIY videos on YouTube that will tell you and show you how easy it all is; but you are really playing with fire. You not only want to sleep soundly and feel safe at night; but after returning from a long trip you want to pull into your driveway and see that your house is still there.

The Importance of Electrical Permits and Inspections
A licensed electrician in Palm Beach County with a company that’s been in business more than 20 years is a safe bet that they know what electrical work will require permits and inspections based on state regulations and also any local municipalities such as your city and county.

If you have electrical work done in your home that violates any type of code in any way or the work failed to have the required inspection and something happens that damages your home as a result of this work; if your insurance company discovers this they can refuse to pay any claim you might make.

The Electrician and the Company Must Be Bonded
In most instances, having a surety bond with an insurance company is required in order to obtain a license. This is what the phrase ‘Bonded’ refers to. This covers a wide variety of circumstances such as:

  • Damage to any part of your property by any member of the company.
  • Company fails to pay for and obtain the proper permits.
  • The job is never finished.
  • Any other cost that the company incurs that they are responsible for that a third party could come after you for.
  • Basically anything that the company and its employees could have done, or not done, that could cause you a financial loss. (Example: neglecting the necessary inspections that may be required.

Simple, Basic Research To Fins and Verify an Electrical Company
When it comes to verifying any information a company or individual tells you; do it yourself. Ask them the name of the surety company and look up the number yourself and call them. The same thing applies to the any all licensing; ask for the license number and call the appropriate authority yourself.

A surprising number of people are taken in by someone who presents themselves with such honesty and confidence that even the smartest people can be fooled.

There is a Wide Variety of ‘Electrical Work’

  • Recessed Lighting
  • Installation of Ceiling Fans
  • Pool, Spa and Jacuzzi Electrical Install or Wiring
  • Driveway and Deck Flood Lights Plus Landscape Lighting

Electrical safety is extremely important for an indoor Jacuzzi or an outdoor hot tub as these are special appliances that require a greater skill and more knowledge because there is open water near the circuits and wiring and they will also need a direct line and the proper gauge of wire due to the amount of electricity that is required.

Installing a ceiling fan is, in one sense, a form of art. Standing on a ladder reaching up to and through the ceiling while holding the fan which is not only awkward to handle; you have to be very careful not to put any real pressure on the blades.

There is also the most important factor when ‘seated’ on the ceiling mount the fan must be perfectly leveled so it is properly balanced. If either of these two factors are neglected a little wiggle becomes a wobble and the fan will begin to rip itself off the ceiling

Finding a Good and Safety Conscious Electrician
Think smart; and try to avoid going cheap. You want to be able to fall asleep at night feeling that you and your family are safe in your own home.

If you live in South Florida near the Atlantic coast, a properly certified and licensed electrician in Palm Beach County can be found with a trusted company such as Southeast Electrical Services, Inc. With over 20 years in the business and still family owned, not some corporate entity, the family aspect means there is a personal reputation to uphold.

They have the experience, train their employees well and supervise them, plus they have all the necessary equipment to re-wire that kitchen you are going to remodel or get a pair of exterior flood lights up to light up your driveway at night
‘Real,’ residential electrical work involves a lot more than just twisting two wires together. Often the job will require two or more electricians working together each one knowing what they need to do to get the job done properly and safely.

Southeast Electrical Services, Inc. has been doing high quality electrical work in Palm Beach County and the surrounding areas with a great track record of very happy and repeat customers.

You can give them a call at 561-488-0580 or visit their website at: https://www.southeastelectricalinc.com

And they won’t leave a mess.

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